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Award winning broadcast production

Action Sports Productions has been producing award winning live events and entertainment programming for over 17 years.  Created by the vision of CEO, Jay Johnson, ASP strives to provide the highest quality broadcast production on the market with a history rich in experience.  ASP has covered hundreds of high profile events in the arenas of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, racing, conferences, music and entertainment

Jay began live streaming action sports events in 1999, with Surfing Live.  Live streaming was at its infancy during this time, and Jay saw the incredible potential for bringing niche media to the world, and adjusting the platform in which we view content. He continues to oversee every component of ASP to this day, with a heavy emphasis on quality for clients. The times have now caught up with the vision. 


Our team of expert production professionals will deliver ultra dynamic content that makes a lasting impact on your audience. From the largest productions, to an intimate event, ASP delivers your media to the world with full commitment.

We are dedicated to our relationships and have a great deal of pride in our work. We create incredible media solutions for the growth and expansion in the world of action sports and entertainment. 

Contact us anytime for more information:

+1 949.500.9350

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